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게임/GunZ 2 2010/06/21 11:38
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First, we really appreciate all your interest and concerns regarding GunZ the Second Duel.(GunZ 2)

Until now, we have been saying "The information will be available when it's ready!". But since we have been receiving too many questions about GunZ 2, I would like to announce our plan on GunZ 2 today.

I wonder if you know about Gstar. Gstar is the largest game show of Korea. MAIET is planning to prepare a B2B booth for the game show, and announce GunZ 2 for foreign publishers. Our booth will be for RaiderZ and GunZ 2.

GStar 2010
11/18/2010(THU) ~ 11/21/2010(SUN)
BEXCO, Pusan

Please note that the B2B booth is for business only. Unfortunately the general customers cannot access B2B section. But by that time we are planning to finish a version that can be provided to the foreign publisher. (Which won't be same as CBT version)

Any information to release depends upon the decision of CJ Internet, our publisher for Korea edition. If they don't want to release the information about GunZ 2 at that time, MAIET cannot release it. So if they decide to open a booth for GunZ 2 at Gstar in B2C section, we'll have an opportunity to introduce GunZ 2 to the general customers.

FAQ about GunZ 2 are the following.

Q. Are you really using RealSpace 3.0 for GunZ 2? Can it be possible to use same engine with MMORPG game?
A. Yes, that is right. GunZ 2 and RaiderZ will use the same graphics core. But that does not mean that they will share the game core or the network core. Also please remember that we'll use different middle wares for each titles. You can check on the following link for more information about it.

Q. Will a CBT be possible in this year?
A. It will not be possible for this year.

Q. I want to be a test for GunZ 2. Please send me an email when it's available.
A. Unfortunately we cannot send an email that related to the testing. The testers for GunZ 2 Korea edition will be only available through the Korean official website.

Q. Why is there already a promotional video of RaiderZ, and not one of GunZ 2 yet?
A. Please remember that RaiderZ project started in 2006. As we already announced, we started to make GunZ 2 in 2007. Definitely GunZ 2 will be our 4th game title. It's pretty reasonable that we would release our 3rd game title "RaiderZ" first.

Q. Is GunZ 2 delaying because of RaiderZ?
A. No. Please note that there are completely separated teams for each projects. Just engine team is ahre by only both projects.

Q. Why aren't you releasing the screenshots of GunZ 2? Please show us something what you made so far!
A. We are not ready to show the screenshots of GunZ 2 because we're still focused on the implementation of game core. Though the graphics team of GunZ 2 is really working hard, their work is not yet for the release version. Please be patient, we really want to share screenshots when it's ready.

Q. Will the promotional video of GunZ 2 release at Gstar?
A. Unfortunately we cannot give any guarantee. We might need to discuss about the issue with our local publisher upon the production progress.

Q. I heard that you will remove kStyle.
A. No, we have no plan on removing kStyle. We're still testing many ways to integrate them with the new game play.

Q. Once GunZ 2 comes out, what will happen to GunZ 1?
A. We've already answered this question many times. GunZ 1 will still exist and we're still improving it. I personally hope that we can release our new plan about GunZ 1 during this year.

Q. Will there be international servers owned by MAIET for GunZ 2 and RaiderZ?
A. Unfortunately we've experienced and found so many problems to provide an international service by ourselves. So maybe NO. - MAIET is still small game studio. Over 90% of our employee are the game developers, and there are just few staffs for QA and business support. That's why I was one of administrators for GunZ international edition. I don't think that we'll be able to hire enough staffs to provide an international edition for two games. :$

Q. I really want to know more information about GunZ 2!!!
A. We also wish to announce as much as we can as soon as possible. But we may not officially release any information about GunZ 2 till November. Thank you very much.
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